Pellets Mills from Agico Group Meet Bright Market Prospect in India

“The pellets mills will be very popular in India,”said by one of our Indian customers, who visited Agico Group’s headquarters from June 2nd to 4th. They have become into our partners since we met in the Canton Fair, which we have taken part in for nearly 10 years. After their visiting, long term cooperation is possible to be established.

Chinese pellets mills have a large potential market in India. The India customers have full market confidence for our products, who have started their marketing activities before their visiting. In the on-site investigation, they visit our Gemco factory,do trial running on ZLSP 150B pellet mill, and consult detail technology questions on the pellet machines. At last, a purchasing contact is signed and their intention for establishing long term cooperation is expressed, looking foreword to cooperating with each other next time. 

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