AGICO FOODS Introduction

Anyang General Foods co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture and exporter of dried fruits in China. Since its establishment in 1992, it has been dedicated to the study and development of fruit and vegetable products, focusing at manufacturing and exporting dried fruits, such as dried apple, dried pear, dried strawberry, dried peach, dried apricot, dried cherry, dried kiwi, etc, all of which are made from the high quality fresh fruits by the first class processing equipments with the advanced and mature processing technology.

Good for Health, high nutrition and good taste are the pursuing of our company.  In order to insure the quality of our products, our raw materials are selected from the fruits grown in Pu cheng County, Shanxi province, the largest fruit production base in China with the fruits plant area taking up 1584 square meters. Adequate sunshine, suitable climate, and rich soil and water rescores guarantee the high quality of its fruits, which wins Pu cheng County the reputation of China Apple and Pear Country, where our manufacturing factory is located. There we adopts 10 advanced stainless steel assemble line equipments, which contains cleaning raw materials, choosing appropriate wind force, detecting metals and imported dicers, the first-class level fruits and vegetables processing line in China. Quality of the dried fruits are always our concerns. For more than 2 decades’ working on improving the processing technology, we have a set of optimized processing procedure, which is a guarantee for the product quality. With the advanced processing equipments, our products are processed scientifically with the mature technology, generally including the following procedures:


The healthy, high notorious and delicious dried fruits are made after undergoing the above processing procedures.

It is the high quality raw martial, the first class processing equipment, the advanced processing technology, carefully observed procedures and professional working staff and considerable all-around seversies that make our products welcomed in Europe, Middle-East Asia, South America, Australia, etc, with a turnover of over $600 million per year, especially export over 1000 mts on dried apple products per year. In addition, they are also the foundation of our wining of the wide recognition at home and abroad, getting the ISO 9001 certification, the Kosher Certification and Ortbodox Union certification. The recognitions of our clients from the home and abroad are the motivation and destination of our company. We would like to serve you with all heart and soul services to fulfill your expectation.

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