Agico's oil mill refinery plant project announces success in India

Agico's oil mill refinery plant project announces success in Indian. With the trust and expectation of SALAI MARKETING AND RECONSTRUCTION LTD (SMART), Agico Group annouces the first oil mill plant and refiner project in the seven states of Indian North-East region has been completed successfully.

the oil mill plant and refiner project indian

The oil mill plant and refiner workshop

The oil plant projcet for SMART is located in Imphal, the capital of Manipur, north-east part of India, which is, so far, the first oil press and refinery plant in the seven states of Indian North-East region, which owns the richest soil in India. This basin area in the north-east plateau grows the best agricultural plants in India, such as rice etc, which makes Imphal a good place to establish oil plants.

The oil plant is established with the internationl advaced oil technologies and machines and equipment at present. It is consisted of a 5 ton per day mustard seed oil press and 1 ton per day refinery plant and the main procedures are consisted of caustic soda refining, degumming, washing, filtering, decolorizing, deodorizing etc.The oil press and refinery process are characterized by energy saving, applicable to varies of crude oil, easy to operate, low cost etc. It could produce 1-2 tons of first grade coconut oil per day, makes great profit for Mr. Samarjit.

oil press in the indian project

The oil press in the project

the refinery equipment

The refinery equipment

Mr. Samarjit, the CEO of the SMART society speaks highly of Agico's refined first grade mustard oil on the oil color, quality etc. He deeply believes that his refined oil pressed and refined by Agico Group's oil press and refiner will improve the oil quality and make the Manipur people safer and healthier, which to some extend, resounds the persuing of Agico Group which is to bridge your needs.  

   satififaction with the indian refined oil

Satififaction with the refined oil plant

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